How to transfer Vesthelm EE to a new hosting?

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Date Mar 23, 2015 (8 years, 2 months, 1 week, 3 days, 19 hours ago)
Transfer Vesthelm EE to a new hosting

Change the path to the directory

Replace {path_to_directory} with real path to the Vesthelm EE directory (without a slash at the end) in file `{your_domain}/includes/`.
define("V_MAIN", '{path_to_directory}' . V_DS);

If you changed connection to the database

Change the settings in the file `{your_domain}/includes/`. The parameters described here.

If you changed the domain:

Replace `` with your domain (with a slash at the end) in file `{your_domain}/includes/`.
define("V_URL", '');

In phpmyadmin run 2 queries to update the domain in the database. Replace in queries:
`vesthelm`. - database name (replace with your database name)
`vesthelm_` - database prefix (replace with your database prefix)

1 query:
UPDATE `vesthelm`.`vesthelm_configurations` SET `value` = '' WHERE name='frontend_url'
2 query:
UPDATE `vesthelm`.`vesthelm_configurations` SET `value` = '' WHERE name='acp_url'

To check values, use this query:
SELECT * FROM `vesthelm_configurations` WHERE `name` = 'frontend_url' OR `name` = 'acp_url'

Set permissions

Set writable permissions 777 on directories:
  • {your_domain}/compile_dir/ - including subdirectories
  • {your_domain}/uploads/ - including subdirectories

Clearing cache

How to clear cache (settings, languages, CSS, JS etc.) ?

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