Bulletin Board

What is Bulletin Board?

Bulletin Board is a powerful Vesthelm Engine application. Bulletin Board allows users to post public messages, advertise things, announce events, or provide useful information.

Key Features

Why Bulletin Board?

Multilingual ContentMultilingual Content

Unique multilingual content on same website. You can specify content that will display only in specific languages.

Sponsored PlansSponsored Plans

Users can choose sponsored plans which they prefer.

Customizable FieldsCustomizable Fields

Fields can be assigned to specific categories or plans.

Payment GatewaysPayment Gateways

Vesthelm EE has payment gateway addons that allow to sell sponsored items such as membership or bulletins.

Unlimited Nested StructureUnlimited Nested Structure

You can add categories as much as you want.

SEO Friendly URLsSEO Friendly URLs

The URLs do not contain query strings and they mimic the directory structure of static sites.

Sponsored UsersSponsored Users

Users can get extra features for a fee.

Access RestrictionsAccess Restrictions

Users are assigned roles and permissions that restrict them from editing content in which they are not authorized to change.

Advanced SearchAdvanced Search

Users will find everything they need by using advanced search.


Users can choose their location to filter bulletins.

Private MessagesPrivate Messages

Instant messaging between users.

Customizable BlocksCustomizable Blocks

Blocks can be assigned to specific pages.

All Features

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