Which file contains settings for connecting to the database?

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Date Mar 23, 2015 (9 years, 2 months, 4 weeks, 20 hours ago)
Settings for connecting to the database

The parameters are stored in the file: `{your_domain}/includes/config.inc.php`

Database server:
define("V_DB_HOST", 'localhost');
Name of the database:
define("V_DB_NAME", 'db_name');
Database user:
define("V_DB_USER", 'username');
define("V_DB_PASSWORD", '123');
define("V_DB_PORT", '3306');

Database driver:
define("V_DB_DRIVER", 'MySQLi');
Database character set:
define("V_DB_CHARSET", 'utf8');
Database prefix:
define("V_PREFIX", 'vesthelm_');

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