Vesthelm Framework

What is Vesthelm Framework?

Vesthelm Framework - written in PHP, based on component structure, contains the most useful classes for rapid development.

Key Features

Why Vesthelm Framework?

MVC Architecture MVC Architecture

Based on the Model-View-Controller development pattern.

Internationalization Internationalization

Adaptation of the product to the language and cultural specificities of the region.

Fluent Interface Fluent Interface

Enhanced readability of the source code.

Work with Data Work with Data

Input, output, processing, confirmation.

Error Handling and Logging Error Handling and Logging

Allows you to define your error handling rules, as well as modify the way of error logging.

Hierarchical Data Structures Hierarchical Data Structures

Storing, modifying and retrieving hierarchical data.

Template Engine Template Engine

Ease of use for non-programmers, such as graphic artists or web designers. You do not need knowledge of PHP to develop custom templates.

SEO Friendly URLs SEO Friendly URLs

The URLs do not contain query strings and they mimic the directory structure of static sites.

Query Builder Query Builder

Provides an object-oriented way of writing SQL-queries.


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