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Difference Between Default Template (ExtJS) and NotNA (jQuery)

x NotNA template uses JavaScript library jQuery instead of ExtJS library (jQuery library is totally free while ExtJS library is not)

x NotNA template uses custom JavaScript components (grid, form, lightbox etc.)

x Performance improvement, reduced the size of JS code (jQuery - 84 KB, ExtJS - 1,42 MB)

x Almost all the HTML code in the template files (simplifies optimization for mobile phones, simple design change)

x Custom features in addons and applications (settings, components etc.)

x Form template files (.tpl) in separate files

x Each component uses a separate CSS file

NotNA Template Licenses

Standard license
Standard Plus license
Professional license
Professional Plus license
Developer license
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1. Login to Administration Control Panel (ACP): `{your_domain}/acp/`.
2. Upload all files to your website.
3. Run links in browser (admin session must be active - step 1):

All available templates:
ACP->System->Templates->Frontend Template
ACP->System->Templates->ACP Template
Version 1.0.1
+ Added ACP template NotNA
Version 1.0.0

Requires: 2.1.3
Compatible up to: 2.1.4
Last Updated: Jul 1, 2016
Price: $20



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