Vesthelm Engine 2.1.2

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Date Apr 17, 2015 (6 years, 3 weeks, 11 hours ago)
Vesthelm Engine 2.1.2 Changelog

Forum package allows to create an online discussion website where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

Newsletter addon provides newsletter functionality (newsletter is a regularly distributed information to its subscribers).

Bulletin Board (application)
• Added configuration allow UTF-8 in URL.
• Added Frontend Layout configuration group.
• Added redirect to bulletin after submitting.
• Added UTF-8 support in category URLs.
• Administrators can see unconfirmed bulletins.
• Restoring fields values after changing plan or category (add bulletin page).
• Restoring fields values after changing category (advanced search page).
• If user added new image for bulletin - administrator will receive email notification.
• Added field types: Currency, Float.
• Added fields visibility for roles.
• Added fields tooltips (advanced search page).
• Custom fields in advanced search depends on category.
• Fixed wrong total stats in dashboard.
• Fixed problem with saving plans & fields categories.
• Fixed problem with saving fields data.
• Fixed user notify functionality and bulletin link in email (ACP).
• Fixed wrong payment redirect.
• Miscellaneous improvements, bug fixes.

Users (addon)
• Added UTF-8 support in URL.
• Added users profile links to sitemap.
• Added email template notify_user_registration.
• Added permissions to view user details.
• Added Tpl, Bootstrap classes and
• Added language field to settings page (Frontend).
• Fixed display private details.
• Fixed wrong profile stats.
• Fixed profile page layout.
• Miscellaneous improvements, bug fixes.

Search (addon)
• Added UTF-8 support in URL.
• Added new API methods.
• Added function to open search results in a new tab.
• Fixed wrong results in quick search after advanced search.

Pages (addon)
• Added UTF-8 support in URL.
• Fixed disabled name field.
• Pagination support when using custom controller.

Locations (addon)
• Added import locations functionality.

Comments (addon)
• Miscellaneous improvements, bug fixes.

Messenger (addon)
• Added UTF-8 support in URL.
• Changed avatars urls.

Contact Us (addon)
• Added UTF-8 support in URL.

FAQ (addon)
• Added UTF-8 support in URL.

CKEditor (addon)
• Added BBCode support.

Blocks (addon)
• Miscellaneous improvements, bug fixes.

Vesthelm Framework
• Added UTF-8 support in URLs.
• Added BBCode class.
• Added User_Agent class.
• Added HTML Purifier library.
• Improved WHERE clause.
• Improved Validation class.
• Improved Pagination class.
• Fixed Folder class.
• Fixed MySQLi, MySQL classes.
• Fixed Mailer class.
• Miscellaneous Improvements, Bug Fixes.

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