Where to find downloaded files and images?

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Date Mar 23, 2015 (7 years, 3 months, 1 week, 3 days, 13 hours ago)
Downloaded files and images are stored in a folder: `{your_domain}/uploads/`.
Addon or application has its own download folder.

Bulletin Board (application)

`{your_domain}/uploads/bulletin_board/` - main directory
`{your_domain}/uploads/bulletin_board/category_icons/` - category icons

Other directories (with the names of the additional fields) that are created when you create a field with the type of `File` or `Image gallery` etc.

Forum (application)

`{your_domain}/uploads/forum/` - main directory
`{your_domain}/uploads/forum/forum_icons/` - forum icons

Users (addon)

`{your_domain}/uploads/users/` - main directory
`{your_domain}/uploads/users/avatars/` - users avatars

Configurations (addon)

`{your_domain}/uploads/configurations/` - configuration files are uploaded by the administrator

Smilies & Emoticons

`{your_domain}/uploads/emoticons/` - emoticons

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