Vesthelm Engine trial version

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Date Jun 29, 2016 (4 years, 10 months, 1 week, 1 day, 6 hours ago)
Vesthelm Engine Trial Version

Trial version valid 30 days - After 30 days you MUST remove Vesthelm Engine files!!!

YOU MAY NOT: loan, distribute, rent, assign, sub-license, transfer or otherwise provide, (whether electronically or otherwise) the Software or any copy or part of it to anyone else or make the Software available for use by others in any time sharing, service bureau or similar arrangement or otherwise. (


Download Vesthelm Engine 2.1.4 - trial version

Download templates (NotNA) - use JavaScript library jQuery - trial version

Installing trial version and templates
1. Extract archive and find file: user_guide/en-US/installation/installing-vesthelm-engine.html (run in browser) - read information about installing Vesthelm Engine.
2. Install Vesthelm Engine ({your_domain}/installation/)
3. Read instructions in spoiler: "NotNA templates installation".
NotNA templates installation
1. Login to Administration Control Panel (ACP): `{your_domain}/acp/`.
2. Upload all files to your website.
3. Run links in browser (admin session must be active - step 1):

All available templates:
ACP->System->Templates->Frontend Template
ACP->System->Templates->ACP Template

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