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What is Vesthelm Engine?

Vesthelm EE is a flexible site engine which allows you to develop amazing online applications.

Vesthelm EE features makes the software more flexible and easy to use. Here is a list of some engine features:

  Vesthelm Framework

  Smarty template engine

  ExtJS library

  Multi-lingual interface

  AJAX technologies

  Flexible addon system

  Powerful application system

Technical Requirements

  PHP 5.3.13 or newer

  MySQL 5.0.x or newer

  Linux/Unix/Windows Platform


  Register - become a registered user

  Add Domain Name - add your domain name

  Download Vesthelm EE - download Vesthelm Engine

  Download Addons - download Vesthelm Addons

  Documentation - read documentation

  Get Support - get support by your needs

  Enjoy! - enjoy Vesthelm EE

Lite Support

Our forums offer a huge knowledge bank to support you. It is also a good way for you to help others.

Commercial Support

If you need professional help, check out our services such as development, design development, support and other.

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